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drew peterson is convicted of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. but, the guilty verdict isn't bringing the legal battles to an end. good afternoon. i'm dina bair. and i'm nancy loo. we welcome our viewers who are watching us around the country on wgn america and on the web. wgn's judy wang has more on how the defense and prosecution... are already looking ahead. while the defense prepares its appeal prosecutors are examining the case of stacy peterson to see if they can file charges in that case ... he will remain at the will county jail until sentencing while the prosecutors expressed confidence the jury will verdict will survive an appeal the defense has another story ... >>there are evidentiary issues we will appeal this and county court and go beyond ... 9 he was found guilty of murdering his third wife kathleen savio she was found in 2004 in a dry bathtub and the role the case an accidental drowning they took up the case again after the fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared in 2007 prosecutors presented a largely circumstantial case ... they had no evidence plac
women find it drew peterson guilty of murdering his third wife kathleen savio and we are at the democratic national convention. >> president barack obama is getting ready to take the stage in about an hour but the vice president joe biden is on the stage right now excited the crowd said, earlier he said 6 like romney and president barack obama are vastly different and he also said president barack obama has a spine of steel and after he speaks it will be senator dick durbin from illinois who will introduce the president as he did at the convention in 2008. >> our top story here at home scene around the country tonight, the drew peterson a verdict, the jury has found him guilty of murder. hong >> >> justice tonight for kathleen savio's family who believe that drew peterson kilter, the defense prosecution calling him a thug who headed thehid behind a badge. drew peterson showed no emotion as the guilty verdict was read kathleen savio's family hog and cried, who was knocked unconscious into drowned in her bathtub. >> i always knew that he killed her. i was always th
-off- the-bat peterson murdered kathleen savio. w-g-n's tonya francisco is live at the courthouse in joliet with details. >>the prosecution is coming out pretty strong ... " he said i'm going to kill you " and the prosecutor pointed to drew peterson and said it was clear that he killed kathleen savio ... the defense is promising an equally powerful closing argument. >>it will be one for the books. joe will be informative and entertaining and it will be compelling all free ... joe lopez is one of the defense attorneys he will make closing arguments that his co counselors say will lay it all out for the jurors ... >>they will understand why the witnesses aren't believable and that really was an accident >>five different well-respected pathologists were presented to the jury three for the prosecution to for the defense they have laid out their theories as to how kathleen savio died ... drew peterson is charged with drowning her in 2004 and was initially ruled an accident until stacy peterson the fourth wife disappeared in 2007 officials reopened the investigation into the death of kathleen
but to the family members of kathleen savio it was her voice that spoke the loudest. >> she spoke from the grave. she came alive again. she came back and said look, this man did it to me. >> never believing aunt drown after a fall in her tub, march 2004 charlie dolman watched as his frustrated mother and other relatives tried in vain to convince authorities to investigate kathleen savio's death. >> nobody wanted to listen. >> tragically it wasn't until the highly publicized disappearance of drew's fourth wife stacy peterson three years last the fact that authorities began to listen. >> in the begining that we said and we showed you guys my mom had that she tried to show anybody and everybody and nobody wanted to see it. >> do you think that she knew what was coming? that she knew that her life was at risk? >> most definitely. she said it many, many, many times to many, many, many people. she knew. she didn't know when, where or how but you she knew. >> it was the dark secrets that stacy peterson kept that became the final undoing of the cocky former cop nearly a decade after kathleen savio's mur
of murdering his third wife, kathleen savio. her family was in tears speaking outside the courthouse. >> finally somebody heard kathleen's cry. 12 people did the right thing. thank god, she won today. it's her victory. >> finally received justice. it has been for a very long time in coming. >> savio was found dead in her home in a dry bathtub more than eight years ago. but the prosecution considered that crime scene part of a cover-up. >> who falls into a bathtub with no water and drowns? >> her death was initially ruled as an accident. but in 2007, the case was reopened after peterson's fourth wife, stacy peterson went missing. savio's body was resumed and her death reclassified as a homicide. drew peterson was never charged in stacy's death. after more than five weeks of testimony and a day and a half of jury deliberations, the former illinois police chief was found guilty of murdering savio. >> he was a thug. he would threaten people because he had a gun and april badge. and nobody ever took him on. we took him on now and he lost. >>> an illinois state law passed as a result of th
kathleen savio. >>> and a rare display. pieces of the late neil armstrong's historic space suit go on display for the first time in a decade. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. and today we begin with the final countdown. with election day just two months away, the end of the democrats' convention last night marks a fresh starting point in the race for the white house, and last night president obama made his appeal for a second term saying the election is a clear choice between two different paths for america. nbc's steve handelman reports. >> liberty and justice for all! >> reporter: a symbol of recovery. arizona's gabby giffords led the pledge and amped up the energy for the president. he wanted to fire up democrats but barack obama aimed his speech at undecided voters. >> i'm asking you to rally around a set of goals for your country, goes in manufacturing, education, national security, and the deficit. real achievable plans that will lead to new jobs, more opportunity, and rebuild this economy on a stronger foundation. that
it will be clear that this band pointing at drew peterson killed kathleen savio and he drowned her savio had 14 bruises or abrasions on her body including her head left hip area clavicle and diaphragm the state experts say they could not have been caused by a fall in a tub but rather a homicide the case is mainly based on hearsay and circumstantial evidence. it doesn't take a brain scientist to figure out who did it and why defense attorney joe lopez used a power point presentation and took about two hours in 20 minutes to try to convince the jury that kathie savio accidentally drowned in her bathtub lopez said following your common sense does it mean ignoring the evidence lopez also told the jury they cannot tell you how it happened, when it happened or who did it. joe lopez called kathleen savio family of bunch of liars and to make fun of witnesses calling savio divorce attorney a cheshire cat because he smirked and on the stand the jurors sat poker faced what about all three of those guys? peterson for instance he is lying through his teeth, i can feel it in my heart kathleen savio was well
that kathleen savio was murdered there were too many bruises all over her body. right away seven jurors said drew was guilty, for not guilty and one was not convinced either way but after reviewing the hearsay testimony and kathleen savio's divorce attorney harry smith they were convinced drew peterson murdered his third wife. jurors said that their testimony was extremely critical. drew peterson said second wife said that drew peterson was missing the night that kathleen savio was murdered and came home washing women's clothes and told her to lie to police if they ask about his whereabouts. prosecutors were never allowed to give a theory about how drew killed kathleen but jurors thought of their own one was that drew drowned in the bathroom sink. >> shue possibly broker clavicle over the toilet or the sink. that is a heavy heavy decision for anyone to make you don't take it lightly i don't think anybody took the decision lightly and as for their daily matching clothes on the lighter side of the proceeding, it came out of boredom. from there probably spend more time and the jury room than
hour they sent a note to the judge requesting the transcript for the weekend of kathleen savio step of the phone records between drew peterson and his fourth wife stacey ... they wanted more information on the testimony of the divorce lawyer ... the judge denied that particular request and then he received another note ... the transcript on the discussion about the police report where it was reported drew peterson threaten the life of his third wife ... >>it doesn't take a brain surgeon to figure out who did this >>the sister kathleen savio is certain that drew peterson is guilty but it's up to the jury to decide ... he was to march with two counts of first-degree murder in the what death of his third wife of kathleen savio ... the case got reopened in 2007 after the fourth wife stacy peterson disappeared new autopsies' after the body was exhumed determined that she had been indeed murdered ... prosecutors presented a mountain of circumstantial and forensic evidence ... and hearsay evidence that implicated him in the death of his third wife ... only the findings from two separate
savio. 90 minutes into jury deliberation jurors wanted hearsay testimony from kathleen savio divorce attorney harry smith and the pastor of neil chari. she asked if she could get more money in the divorce if she threaten to go to police and tell them how drew killed kathleen. chari met with stacey two months before she disappeared in told him that she lied to police about cruz whereabouts the weekend kathleen died. sherrie had been gone for hours and when he returned early in the morning he was dressed in black and was washing women's clothes true allegedly coached her for hours about what to say to police. there is certainly some evidence like bringing home the women's clothes being gone, coaching her, all of those things i think those are the most powerful. stacy's family and friends believes that the jurors will confect. kathleen savio's family spent the day in the bus of cincinnati restaurant for jeff ruby the self- proclaimed victims advocate who is offering a $100,000 reward for information leading to stacy's disappearance and was also kicked out of court for mouthing f-you to
in connection with her death. sentencedduled to be connection with the death of kathleen savio in november of for. foster democratic added on child sexarged e charges. gardner was found guilty molesting kids kill during sleep over with his daughter. victims were ages nine and 10. recommended a 22-year sentence if. he was chairman of the falls church city democratic from 2006 through 2007. parents upset over a plan to ease schoolbus overcrowding in packed a school board meeting to blast for announcing a new before the two weeks that requireegan who livey students within a mile of school and secondary students who live a half to walkand to school. dangerous. it's the drivers are aggressive and nasty. >> we are up in arms because it's not safe for kids. >> school officials say they are to change the policy g to reexamined which a walk to school safety hazard. >> the prince george's county the metropolitan region and metropolitan police are inviting residents to take unity walk designed to thatight the dedication departments share to fight crime in the community. starts this evening at 6:00 at
of his third wife, kathleen savio. the verdict came down less than 2 hours ago... the former police sergeant was only charged áafterá his fourth wife, stacy peterson, thousand-seven. he's also considered a suspect in that case, but has never been charged peterson faces a maximum of sixty years behind bars. 3 a... very... close call... for... a... little girl in china... who... barely escaped... a... bus accident. officials... say.... theegirl was riding her bike... on... the sidewalk.../ whenn.. the... bus driver... lost controo ... while dodging oncoming car.../ and... slamming... intooa garden....// firefighters... used... a jack... to... lift the bus.../ but... the... mud ... from. ..the garden ... was... too soft... / soo .. they... decided to... dig... the girl out.../.. &pamazingly... the... child... suffered... no serious injuries. 3 the... democratic... natiooal convention... wraps up ... tonight .../ as... president obama... áacceptsá... his... party's nom
, kathleen savio. >>> and a rare display. pieces of the late neil armstrong's historic space suit go on display for the very first time in a decade. good morning, everyone. i'm lynn berry. those stories and more are straight ahead. this is "first look" on msnbc. >>> and we're going to begin this morning with the final countdown. with the election just two months away, the end of the democrats' national convention last night featuring an address by president obama marks a fresh starting point for the race for the white house, and nbc's tracie potts joins us from charlotte with details this morning. tracie, good morning. >> reporter: lynn, good morning. they're breaking down now, but this place was packed last night. the fire marshal declared it at capacity early in the evening, hours before president obama spoke. ♪ will it make it easier on you now ♪ >> reporter: after a final night of music, jokes -- >> i know it's an empty chair. it makes you nervous, doesn't it? >> reporter: and speeches, including the vice president's. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his hea
brodsky addressing the media the family of kathleen savio earlier told us that they are nervous and wish her death was ruled a homicide back in 2004 ... >>if the panel had it right the first time we would've been done with this here we are eight years later suffering and greeting it's very nerve wracking and hard on the family ... the judge warned against reading into these jury requests from yesterday there was no comment this morning about deliberations from the prosecutor's office ... the jurors had asked for transcripts of hearsay testimony of the divorce attorney harry smith and the pastor for stacy peterson ... they talked about conversations with stacy peterson before she went missing and the blunt talk by drew peterson about kathleen savio is death before stacy peterson went missing ... were thinking maybe the jurors have given each other assignments to deal with both hearsay and the forensic evidence ... some of them were taking notes when the hearsay was being read back others were paying closer attention to the forensic scientists it's very difficult to read ... joel brods
kathleen savio. are 2004 death was not gold, his fourth wife disappeared and kathleen savio's body was exhumed. convicted, he faces six years in prison. people who put up money to out julian assange have lost that money. there's a report before for the because he skipped bail to extradited to be questioned on rape charges. is holed up in the ecuadorean british police will arrest him if he leaves the building. the nfl regular season kicks with the giants hosting the cowboys. with the league locked in a with the referees replacement referees be used in tonight's game. >> negotiations between the nfl referees over pay and on andatters has been off for months. the league hired replacement the college and high school ranks. some of them worked in preseason games and have come under fire for penalty calls. a former new york giants running facesays such replacements big challenges in the big- league. the game is so much faster and the pace of the game is so much faster. things are happening faster, not just the play on the field. o get confused or as at up in a moment player to.
, kathleen savio. the defense closed its case last week after calling a bombshell witness, divorce attorney harry smith. the prosecution calling the move, a quote, gift from god. what is up with that? joining us now former prosecutor faith jenkins and criminal defense attorney, esther panage. why did the prosecution like this witness the defense called? >> because this witness helped advance the key theory in this case. the witness came in and said that stacy peterson talked to him as her attorney said if i tell police what i know about my husband's involvement in kathleen savio's death, will that help me get more money? that was huge. and the defense had presented several motions to keep this witness from taking the witness stand. all of sudden, one of the attorneys on the defense team had a change of heart and decided to put this witness on the stand. the prosecution was ecstatic about this. they should have been. that testimony could be crucial in turning this case in their favor. jenna: esther, is that it? does the defense lose based on that one witness and calling the wrong witness to
on trial for the murder of kathleen savio, his third wife, prosecutors got a law passed that allowed them to introduce hearsay testimony. it would allow savio and peterson's fourth wife, stacy, missing and presumed dead to speak from their graves. from yesterday's stunning verdict it seems jurors were listening. >> reporter: on a brilliant sunny afternoon outside an illinois courthouse yesterday, there was jubilation. >> yeah! >> it is incredibly positive statement by our society that we will not tolerate this kind of bul bullying, tormention ng and mur. >> the prosecutor was taking a victory lap after winning a conviction of drew peterson one of the most flam buoyant criminals of the past decade. >> he was basically a coward. he was a thug that would threaten people, he had a gun and a badge. nobody ever took him on the we took him on now, and he lost. >> the jury just found the former police sergeant guilty of the 2004 murder of his ex-wife kathy savio. now with choppers hovering overhead and car horns blaring in the streets hundreds had gathered to celebrate. >> i will never have my si
friends and relatives of kathleen savio and stacy peterson, wife number four who vanished in 2007. he sat still as the verdict was read. but savio's family could not hold back their emotions. >> finally, somebody heard kathleen's cry. 12 people did the right thing. >> i'll never have my sister again. i'll see her in the cemetery. but at least i know she got justice. >> there is no death penalty in illinois. but peterson could spend the rest of his life in prison. he's not been charged in stacy peterson's disappearance. >>> in other news this morning the catholic bishop of kansas city, missouri, has been found guilty of shielding an abusive priest. he waited six months before reporting that a priest had child pornography on his computer. he was guinn a six-month sentence. >>> an earthquake has shaken up beverly hills for the second time in a week. the 3.4 trembler struck just after midnight. fire officials are out checking for damage. >>> and a broken-off remnant of hurricane isaac that made its way back to the gulf has a 30% chance of becoming a tropical storm. the rejuvenated storm will
in their desis. a jury convicted the former police officer of murdering his third wife, kathleen savio. outside the courthouse, the family showed emotion. finally, somebody heard kathleen's crys, 12 people did the right thing, thank god. >> i will never have my sister again. i have to see her at the cemetery. >> kathleen was found dead in her bathtub in the thousand 4- gs her death was initially ruled an accident but the case was later re-opened in 2007, that happened after peterson's forty wife went missing, he was never charged in her disappearance. peterson faces 60 years in prison and scheduled to be sentenced in november. his attorneys plan to appeal. >>> we are rocking it today. >> we got o's, ravens, covering all the bases. >> this would be the best weekend ever if it wasn't going to rain on saturday. >> ticketholders are not happy. >> super sunday. >> we will see if that happens. there is going to be big storm around here saturday afternoon, saturday evening. unfortunately in time for game time. let talk about a beautiful day, ellicott city, a nice day. temperatures mild, as of this ti
of the 2004 murder of his wife kathleen savio. >>> and a rare display. harry is an apache helicopter >>> and a rare display. harry is an apache helicopter pilot. captions paid for by nbc-universal television >>> hello and good morning. i'm lynn berry. welcome to our viewers across the nation including the pacific time zone. and today we begin with the final countdown. with election day just two months away, the end of the democrats' convention last night marks a fresh starting point in the race for the white house, nbc's tracie pots joins us from charlotte with more on this. >>> they're breaking down now. it was a packed house. it was at capacity early in the evening, hours before president obama spoke. ♪ make it easy on me now >> reporter: after a final night of music, jokes. >> i know it's an empty chair. it makes you nervous, doesn't it? >> reporter: and speeches including the vice president's. >> this man has courage in his soul, compassion in his heart, and a spine of steel. >> reporter: president obama laid out what he called a choice, he rallied against too much government.
degree murder in 2004 for the death of his wife kathleen savio he's also suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacie peterson. peterson faces up to 60 years in prison. >>> teaming up with probation agent this is morning to check on parolees. they targeted patrol lees with known gang affiliation. they were looking for guns drugs and other gang members. authorities made at least two arrests one for drugs the other for a firearm possession. a recall of raw organic milk is under way over bacterial contamination. grade a raw milk. raw skim milk and raw cream produced by organic pasteurs dairy. are being re called they have the date code of september 13th routine tests confirmed the presence of a bacteria that can cause intestinal illness. no one's reporting getting sick and consumers are urged to throw the product away. a fast food franchise is under fire again this time for prejudice. >> we hire from our local communities. and our restaurants reflect the demographics of that community. protesters sounded off inside a new pueblo grocery store on san jose sorry road this morning
in prison for the 2004 murder of his ex-wife kathleen savio. he's also suspected in the disappearance of his fourth wife stacy peterson. >>> hundreds of people with passes to see president obama's acceptance speech live were locked out. last week's event originally planned for a large stadium was for much smaller. 65,000 people that had stadium tickets could no longer attend. only delegates and special guests received arena passes. hundreds of them were stranded outside after officials said the arena was full and closed the door. >> liberty and justice for all. >> former congresswoman gabby giffords made an i motional a-- made an emotional appearance. giffords was critically wounded last near in an assassination attempt. >>> san francisco's district attorney says there is not enough evidence to file criminal charges in a money laundering case. the property management firm was accused of laundering $4500 in contributions to mayor ed lee's election campaign. a donor showed the san francisco chronicle an e-mail from an arch way manager that told workers to hawk $500 donations and said they worl
. a jury found drew peterson guilty of murdering his 3rd wave. kathleen savio's body was found in 2004. her death was ruled accidental, but this was changed after stacy has been missed since 2007. >>> 87-year-old art modal passed away on thursday morning. the former team owner got in the nfl in 1981, he bought the cleveland browns. when they started losing money in the '90s, he packed up the gear and moved it to maryland. the ravens were born. he has been hated in cleveland, but others know a man who cared about each of them, team and staff. >>> we had that moment when we wish the speed limit was higher on the high way. pretty soon on a front mile stretch of road in central texas between austin and san antonio will increase the 85 miles per hour. when it opened in november, texas state highway 130 will have the highest speed limits in the country. the texas has 80 miles per hour speed limits in highways in west texas. >> i don't know if my car can go that fast. >>> coming up on 9 news now -- >>> sunday morning on "biocentury this week," which medicines heal and which fail. the government is
deliberating for 14 hours a jury found drew peterson guilty of murder for the death of his ex-wife kathleen savio who was found dead in a dried cleaned bathtub a crowd was outside the courthouse cheering on the verdict. the former chicago cop faces up to 60 years in prison for that conviction. he is going to be sentenced november 26th. savio was his third wife. >>> another dust storm over phoenix, arizona. it rolled in just as rush hour was getting started prompting warnings for drivers basically to pull over because they couldn't see. i believe this is called a haboob.look at the meteorologists surrounding me. the people can expect more rain and thunderstorms and does that mean more haboobs? >> say it with a little more ummph. >> how does the meteor out gists say it. >> haboob. >> reporter: that's how i say it. >> we have the panel of experts. >> reporter: just saying. >> nothing like that here but it's cool to see because you don't see something like that. >> exactly. get them in the desert and you will have them in phoenix. but today,. >> no haboobs here? >> just humidity that we will be
. crowds outside the courthouse cheered after the verdict was announced this afternoon. kathleen savio's body was found in her bathtub in 2004. her death was issued an accident. it was reclassified after peterson's fourth wife disappeared in 2007. authorities presumed stacy peterson is dead. her body has never been found. >> it's the first step to put away. maybe somebody will come forward that maybe knows something about my sister and they feel safe now that they've come forward now that he's put away. >> drew peterson facing up to 60 years when he's sentenced. >>> we have breaking news for you out of a high school in hyattsville. according to the washington post, five football players have been yanked from the program. according to one of the parents, players hired prostitutes from a call service in north carolina. some even engaged in sex at a teen hotel. all this following the team's season opening victory last night. >>> well, a heated night on the field between the nationals and at cubs. a pitch aimed right at bryce harper and it emptied both dugouts. we'll have the rest. >>> wha
was charged in kathleen savio's death own after his fourth wife went missing in kiro 7. he could be sentenced to a maximum of 06 years behind bars. >>> another high-ranking catholic church official is found guilty of covering autopsy priest sex abuse scandal. current bishop of kansas city, missouri, robert finn, was convicted thursday of failing to report an abusive priest to authorities. finn apologized for his actions and said he will not appeal the verdict. he will not face jail time but is on probation. >>> nasa's curiosity rover is making its mark on mars in a big way. you can see the tire tracks actually right here. now, we know that those tracks are large enough to be seen from space actually satellite circling the red planet snapped these pictures of the zigzag tracks. the pat pattern will be used as sort of a morse code to help it drive more accurately on the terrain. >> it's great name too, curiosity because we are learning so much and we're cure yows about mars. >> coming up, more changes for metro riders this weekend. >> up next, we'll tell you which station will be closed the en
in handcuffs. a jury found him guilty in the murder of his third wife, kathleen savio. he body was found in 2004. peterson is a former police officer. he became a household name after the disappearance of his fourth wife, stacy. peterson has denied wrongdoing in both cases. he faces a maximum 60 years in prison. >>> now to a safety alert for parents. a new kind of laundry detergeants is making toddlers sick. we're talking about the detergent pods, the colorful pods you have next to your washing machine. >> they're small, shiny, look edible to some. many children think they're candy. there are some simple things adults can do to reduce the risk. >> reporter: they are the latest in laundry. detergent pods, tiny packets that go in the wash, no pouring our measuring needed, a timesaver for busy parents. >> put one in, close the laundry and you're set. >> when they take the plunge, they dissolve quickly and completely. >> reporter: grownups aren't the only once attracted. >> it looks like candy. >> reporter: they're shapes, bright colors. >> reporter: with the shiny packaging and candy colori
want to begin with drew peterson convicted of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. we'll talk to his sister-in-law. first kevin tibbles. >> it's as if drew peterson never met a camera he didn't like. with his third wife dead and fourth wife missing, he always played the jokester. while this morning his television days are over, drew peterson awakens a convicted murder. it took the jury 13 hours to find the flamboyant bolingbrook police officer drew peterson guilty of the murder of his third wife kathleen savio. >> the defendant in this case was a coward and a bully. >> reporter: eight and a half years after her death savio's family is jubilant. >> finally someone heard kathleen's fly. twelve people did the right thing. >> savio was found dead in the waterless bathtub of his suburban home in 2004. originally it was ruled an accidental drowning. then when peterson's fourth wife stacy went missing in october 2007, suspicions were raised. savio's body was exhumed, her death ruled a homicide. extensive searches for 23-year-old stacy peterson turned up nothing and she remains missin
that the fourth wife says she saw drew peterson come in the night kathleen savio, the third wife, allegedly died. and he's all dressed in black late at night. >> okay. first of all, the third wife did die that intoity and wife number 4 goes to bed with drew peterson. she wakes up in the middle of the night and he is gone. she calls his cell. no answer. toward dawn, she finds him in the laundry room dressed in his swat outfit washing another woman's clothes. inference, clocks? connecting the dots. he killed kathleen savio and he's got the clothes from the crime scene and then he sits down wife number 4 and says this is what you're going to say to the police. he literally holds on to her while the police interview her, allowing him to be in the room as professional courtesy, as chicago police do. now she vanishes within a few days of telling the minister. >> gregg: they say she slipped and fell in the bathtub and as a result died. dr. michael badden, famed forensic pathologist, takes the witness stand and says, look, i did the third autopsy. it ain't true. >> well, it ain't true and the reason it
, kathleen savio. it was a unanimous verdict. and peterson could now face up to 60 years in prison. abc's alex perez is in chicago with the very latest on this case. good morning, alex. >> reporter: good morning, elizabeth. peterson had been behind bars waiting 3 1/2 years for this day. he was stone-faced and staring at the jury, when the verdict was read. >> finally, someone heard kathleen's cry. 12 people did the right thing. thank god. >> reporter: it's the justice kathleen savio's family never thought they would get. >> i'll never have my sister again. i still have to see her in a cemetery. at least i know she got justice wrch drew peterson's five-week murder trial centered on controversial hearsay evidence, that he had threatened savio. after hours of deliberations, 11 jurors agreed that peterson was guilty of first-degree murder. and they took five more hours to convince a holdout. >> i did not feel comfortable with joining the rest of the jury to convict. i was concerned about the hearsay evidence. >> reporter: savio and peterson were in the middle of a contentious divorce when s
after the 58-year-old was convicted yesterday of murdering his third wife, kathleen savio in 2004. his fourth wife disappeared three years later and has never been found. company face 60 years behind bars. tonight on "dateline", a full hour on the drew peterson verdict. interviews with family members on both kathleen savio and stacey peterson sides. >>> the school year has just begun but this date of birth last day of class for thousands of kids and students in chicago. teachers there are threatening to strike amid contract talks and if that happens they won't be at work on monday. nbc's kevin tibbles joins me from chicago. where do things stand, kevin? >> reporter: it's an upsetting time for some 400,000 students here in chicago the third largest school district in the nation. where do things stand? i can report to you with some encouragement that both sides are saying today that some meaningful progress has been made in the talks but, again, it is friday. it's coming down-to-the-wire. and many of the students have been told that they are not showing up at cool on monday. that's obvio
. you know, it's time to pay. >> reporter: the peterson case was extraordinary. kathleen savio found dead in her bathtub in 2004, the death initially ruled an accident. after peterson's fourth wife stacy disappeared in 2007, police re-examined the body and changed the finding to homicide. >> the defendant in this case was a coward and a bully. >> reporter: with no physical evidence and no witnesses placing peterson at the scene, prosecutors built their case largely on hearsay. peterson's attorneys plan to appeal. >> a dark day in america when you can convict on hearsay evidence. >> reporter: the case evoked enormous passion. partly because peterson became a tabloid sensation after stacy vanished. >> what i want to see next is justice for stacy peterson. i believe he is involved with that. >> reporter: peterson has not been charged in stacy's disappearance. abc news. >> stacy peterson's disappearance in 2007, what spawned all of this. kathleen savio died in 2004. his fourth wife, stacy peterson and drew were getting together before that divorce was even settled. they're going to appea
jurors to use common sense saying it was clear that peterson killed his third wife kathleen savio so she wouldn't get his money or the kids in the divorce. the defense says the state's case failed to prove that peterson committed the murder. he faces 60 years behind bars if he is convicted. >>> chris christie making an appearan appearance. >> he said to me, you are going to be good tonight,ing right? i said, yeah. i am going to be really good. all right. i am going to stay then. he started to stay for the speech. as if there wasn't enough pressure in front of 20 million mitt romney is hanging for the speech. >>> northeast getting slammed with wicked weather overnight. join us with the latest is maria molina. we are getting a lot of rain. where is all of this coming from? >> we are on the eastern side of it. that means we are going to have to deal with winds out of the south a lot of humidity and muggy conditions and the humidity right now in new york city is 91 percent. extremely humid out. have the umbrella out if you live anywhere from new england. look at the temperatures early this m
facing the taliban. >> drew peterson found guilty of murdering his third wife kathleen savio. maximum sentence of 57 years in prison. >>> two people in federal custody tonight after a hoax claiming a passenger on a flight was carrying a dangerous substance. the incident was a prank. >> this is where things tend to get a little ugly. >> oh, my goodness. look out. >> that's got to be in "sportscentre's" bottom 10, right? >>> all that -- >> i love it. >> i did it wrong. >> no, you did it perfect. >> all right. so what's the problem? enjoy your day. oh, and by the way, it's fashion week! >> it's a funny thing. i suspect the same thing with you. because -- >> and all that matters. >> easily the most emotional moment of the convention. >> gabby giffords led everyone in the pledge of allegiance last night. >> liberty and justice for all. >> on "cbs this morning." >> thank you. god bless you. and god bless these united states. >> barack obama accepting the nomination of the democratic party. and at the end of it threw down his mic and said, [ bleep ] all y'all. [ laughter ] >
. an illinois jury found drew peterson guilty of murdering his third wife, kathleen savio. his fourth wife stacy disappeared three years later and never been found. now, drew peterson is facing up to 60 years in prison. >>> colorado -- california is not the only state plagued with wildfire. in oregon, there is a wildfire threating homes. there is not evacuation orders yet. >>> if you cannot drive 55, 65 or 75, then head to texas. there is a stretch of road on i- 35, between osesen -- austin and san antonio. that you can drive 85 miles per hour. some drivers are happy. others have safety concerns. ♪ [ music ] >> getting out on the high way and driving, but others with, we will look at the new movies in theaters coming up for the weekend at 5:56. >>> at 5:23, hear the reaction to last night's brawl against the cubs. >>> good morning. welcome back to 9 news now. 5:14. it is friday, we're happy about the forecast. >> today will be fine. tomorrow will be iffy later in the day. sunday, monday, tuesday, fantastic around here. you have been waiting for change and fall like weather headed our way. it i
third wife, kathleen savio. prosecutors say his motive was financial fearing a pending divorce settlement would wipe him out. the defense says the state has no hard evidence. peterson's fourth wife, stacy peterson, disappeared in 2007 and remains missing. >>> emergency officials in louisiana released the first damage estimates in the wake of hurricane isaac. massive piles of soaked furniture and garbage lines the streets in new orleans. at least 13,000 homes were damaged in the state, mostly by flooding. some of the low-highing areas are still under water and many others are still without power this morning. neighboring mississippi is also suffering similar damage. >>> area homes left a mess by flood waters four times in two months. it seems to happen just about every time this is a heavy rainfall in one d.c. neighborhood. >> they are pretty frustrated, as can you imagine. now, some people living there are about to get some help. we'll slain that coming up next. >>> another warm and humid start to the day. we've got some changes in the forecast. i'll have the details on the wea
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